Nutrition – Exercise – Mindset

MethodCO offers holistic solutions to help you achieve your sustainable weight-loss goals on an innovative way. Our multi-disciplinary team give you the best tools available on a coordinated action. Our program are validated by our scientific committee and the last scientific discoveries*.

(*Johnson, S. S. (2008). “Transtheoretical model-based multiple behavior intervention for weight management: Effectiveness on a population basis.”)

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A 3 steps approach
Did you gain weight due to your lifestyle habits your stress or your age?

To weight-loss sustainably is an issue. You tried many restrictive diet, you have already lost weight but you have regained it with the “yoyo effect”.

It is mandatory to balance your food-intake, to exercise and to keep your motivation intact in order to weight-loss sustainably, MethodCO offers a personalized holistic solution to give tou the best tools available to help you achieve your goals.


Our nutrition expert help you individually to balance your food intake without restriction.


Our personalized weight-loss programs will hep you refine your silhouette and increase your muscle mass. The results depends on your adherence.


Our mindset experts will give you the best tools to change your food intake behavior and to keep your motivation intact. The results depends on your adherence on the program and the lasting of your program.