Why MethodCO?

We make us believe that restrictive diet can help us loose sustainably 10 kilograms in a couple of months.

We make us believe the only solution to loose weight is to restrict our food intake and to count calories.

We make us believe that restrictive diet are harmless.


MethodCO answer

We know that the ideal weight is the tipping point where we feel good.

We know that we need to be listened, understood and helped to reach our ideal weight.

This is why MethodCO offers an holistic and personalized wellness program MethodCO. It will bring you the tools you need to achieve your goals of sustainable weight loss!

How ?
a team of experts available for you


A nutrition expert will help you individually to maintain a well-balanced food intake while respecting your privacy.

His or her approach is based on your behavior, and not on the food-intake restriction.


Our personalized program will give you the best available tools to help you refine your silhouette. It will also help you to gain muscle mass, which is the main principle to stabilize your weight. The results depends on each individual and may vary on the adherence of the participants and their behavior..


Your mindset expert will help you to stay motivated during the duration of the programs. We use the best tools (sms, email, videoconference) available to help you on your objectives.

The team of 3 experts offers a multi-disciplinary approach with a coordinated action to help you achieve your objectives on an effective way.

An experience 100% remotely

  • Personalized consultations by videoconference
  • Collectives consultations by videoconference (release soon)
  • Personalizedmedia content and Advice sheet

This approach allow you to fit with your schedule and lifetime easily.