Scientific committee

A scientific committee works with MethodCO on its programs development based on recent scientific discoveries.
(Long-term weight loss maintenance1– 4Rena R Wing and Suzanne Phelan   Am J Clin Nutr July 2005 vol. 82 no. 1 222S-225S, Johnson, S. S., Paiva, A. L., Cummins, C. O., Johnson, J. L., Dyment, S. J., Wright, J. A., Prochaska, J. O., Prochaska, J. M., & Sherman, K. (2008). Transtheoretical model-based multiple behavior intervention for weight management: Effectiveness on a population basis. Preventive Medicine, 46, 238-246.)

MethodCO scientific committee is a figure of authority on weight-loss and obesity in Europe and through the world.

Each member of the scientific committee are weight-loss and obesity expert on their fields :

  • 1nutrition
  • 2behavior
  • 3exercise
  • 4gastroenterology
  • 5cookery
  • 6patient association

Those experts helps us on the programs development and support us on 3 levels:

  • training of the healthcare experts
  • scientific communication
  • assessment of uptake

The MethodCO scientific committee

Professor Robert Benamouzig
Bariatric Endoscopic Expert
  • Head of the Gastroenterology Department . AP-HP Avicenne Hospital
  • Head of the French nutrition behavior and diet Research Center
Doctor Michel Sananes
Psychiatrist, addictologist
  • Hospital practitioner Hôpital Bichat AP-HP
  • Expert in Bariatric Surgery evaluation
Professor Jean Mouiel
Bariatric surgeon
  • Honory President of French Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery ( SOFFCO)
  • Former Head of Bariatric Surgery Department, AP-HP Nice Hospital
  • Expert for the French National Authority for Health
Aude‐Marie Foucaut
Sports Science expert, PhD
  • PhD in Sports Science  / STAPS
  • Lecturer at the Paris 13 University
Frédéric Robert
Chef cooker
  • Michelin-starred* cooker of the restaurant "la Grande Cascade, Boulogne, France
  • Former Michelin-starred 3* Chef of Lucas Carton (Madeleine, Paris, France)
Anne‐Sophie Joly
French National Authority for Health expert
  • Patient care communication expert for the French National Authority for Health
  • Président of the National Obesity Group Association